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1.        To return to the “old ways"

2.       To revive and retain, as much as possible, our cultural complexes –                         materially,socially and spirituality.

3.       To STUDY, learn and practice the “Law of the Great Peace”, the “Medwin,”           and the “Big House” code of life and ethics.

4.       To live with Nature – to practice ecology and conservation – to never                     exploit our fellow man, our Earth Mother, or our fellow anmal brothers                 and sisters.

5.       To respect the land – to create food storages – to operate food stores, small           enterprises and businesses.

6.       To respect our ancestors, our elders, and each other in all ways.

7.       To pool our resources for the good of all.

8.       To HELP and come to the assistance of individuals, famlies, bands, tribes,             and nations of  Indian people – to lend our support financially, morally                 and physically.

9.      To provide food and shelter for all our members.

10.    To support our elderly, our children and our ailing.

11.     To encourage our young people – to develop the talents of each – to fund                their schooling, purchase supplies and equipment (where needed), to meet            the individual's requirements.

12.    To elect chiefs, councilmen, to conduct meetings and hold elections on any            issue concerning the well-being of our members and/or the condition of                land holdings, enterprises, businesses, etc. Each being represented in                    council by his or her respective Clan Chief (or Clan Mother).

13.     To ESTABLISH common aims and goals. To conduct social sessions and                hold classes on each phase of life:  Male-female relationships, child-care              and training, religion, ecology, farming, cooking, etc.

14.     To fit each member into our community's society – looing for and                            developing each member's talents and resources for the good of all.

15.     To provide farming (crops and livestock) ecology, supplemented by small             industries (trading posts, garages, print shopes, etc.) operated on a                         communal basis.

16.     To channel all profits back into our tribal funds and store goods for the                 security and needs of our tribes and communities.

17.     To INSTILL in each member a sense of worth, security, and belonging.                  Each member contributing according to his/her capability.

18.     To return to the less complex, sincere society, avoiding the monetary and            materialistic concepts of success.  For our people, success should be                        measured in terms of what he or she can accomplish and contribute to                  their people and their community.

19,    To Unite - to work cooperatively to be of "One Mind" and to have a sincere           desire to live in peace and brotherhood with all living creatures of 

        "Our Ways of Life" and let love reign Supreme.

































































































































I haven't received any thoughts on this assignment.  Anyone listening?vv

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