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    Included in this teaching are balance, moderation and peace.

    Opposites are chaos, overindulgence, quarreling, fighting and war.

    All things were created in harmony and balance. All things have a place and purpose in the Universe. There is darkness and light, sky and earth, above and below, fire and water, positive and negative, male and female, good and evil. Opposites exist, not to work against each other, but to complete each other; for nothing can exist without the opposite occurring. In this way, Creation is kept in balance and harmony; one cannot exist without the other or the whole universe would fall apart. Opposites exist, as they should, according to the vision and purpose of the Creator. In the end, everything seeks balance, harmony and peace.

    Life is a learning experience for our spirits, the good with the bad, life with death, etc.  We must come into harmony with ourselves, the Mother Earth and all life upon her, before we can achieve true peace.

    We are told to be peaceful. Dark thoughts produce clouded thinking, troubled hearts and spirits and dark dreams. Twisted thoughts produce burning words, and fiery speech breeds hurt and bad deeds. So, seek the Good Mind, thinking good thoughts, and temper your thoughts, passions, words and deeds. This is not easy to achieve, but we must strive for peace of heart and mind, in this life, and peace of Spirit in the next.

    Be moderate in all things; watch, listen and consider, and your deeds will be prudent.

       This teaching was passed on to us by our friend Hitakonanu'laxk  


      Wanishi nimaxta. (Thank you brother.)

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