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History of United Eastern Lenape Nation

as reported by Pam “Morning Star” Harford, Nation's Mother 2002, May 3.

(Morning Star served as Nation's Mother from 1997 – 2005 when she crossed over.  Her Turkey Clan Mother paperwork was signed by Sakima Sam Gray Wolf Hannah on July 16, 1994.)




“The story on the beginning of UELN as we know it now is this.  In 1994, Sam Grey Wolf gave my husband signed papers for second chief in training, and a set of silver chief's conchos of which there were two sets.  Sam had Bill (Blue Feather) pick out the ones that he wanted.  This was July 16, 1994.  Sam asked Bill to not announce this until the time was right.  Consequently, we waited until one year after Sam had died.  Floyd came to us at a gathering we had set up with our original group, United and Adopted Tribal Peoples, of which Arnie and Sandy were a part of.  So were Chip and Holly.  He asked if we had any paperwork on the UELN because they were missing important papers.  At that time we did.  The Nation's first chief, Sam Grey Wolf had passed on and so had Santiago, the Nation's Second Chief, leaving my husband then First Chief.”


“Grand Council then was formed, with First Chief, Second Chief, Peace Chief, War Chief, Medicine Chief, Nation's Recorder, Turkey Clan Chief and Turkey Clan Mother, Turtle Clan Chief and Turtley Clan Mother and Wolf Clan Chief and Wolf Clan Mother.  This gave us the twelve council people as Sam Grey Wolf wished.  My husband was so proud that his brother had come with us, originally as Wolf Clan Chief then Second Chief.”


“That is a brief history.  ,,,,,,  We have tried to honor Sam's memory and have as many of his original people on Grand Council and as advisors as possible, therein comes Tom Big Warrior, whom originally was Sam's historian and now has honored us with agreeing to be ours.  He has been an excellent advisor, and has become a very valued friend.  He has worked very hard to accurately record our history, and also is the Historian for threee other Lenape nations.  The logo of UELN was drawn by Bill Sauts, and Floyd Collins and Tom have his full permission to use any of his artwork for the Nation.  …...We will probably use the logo above for all villages, and correspondence......”


Signed:  Pam


I requested this written history from the Nation's Mother, Pam Morning Star in 2002.  Morning Dove


Other oral history from Chief Billy Blue Feather and Grandmother Morning Star –

  • They were taking a drive on afternoon and saw a sign “native gathering” along the road.  They followed the signs and found people on the grounds tackling the job of setting up for the gathering.  There was one elder gentleman sitting in a wheelchair and they decided to introduce themselves to him.  This Elder was Chief Sam Grey Wolf Hannah.  He invited them to stay and they shared stories and time together.  This was the beginning of  their relationship with Sam Grey Wolf.

  • Grandmother Nora Thompson Dean, a Lenape Elder from Oklahoma, sent Sam Grey Wolf to the East to gather Lenape people and bring the people to their original lands and teach the culture.  This occurred in the 1950's.  Nora Thompson Dean was the last Lenape speaking person and created a set of 2 language lesson books and tapes.








William Penn’s First Leer to the Lepe




   !

"#  $   !"#"%

&"!'   ( "

!" & $!


$ *"$'+ !*',"#


,!  &)"'! " 

"!"&"" &. 

*  )#" &"  &!#&. '

"*#-"/"0"$ '

' !&" &!*1&"!

0$ '2"/""!#!(

'" "!""1/!/'

 !34"#"!  *

,"#& &"!#+"&

5'$*!-"$  '6$ #'!5

    & & 6'  7""

$ !"  &'"  .$./'/'8"  "'


6#   " '31/  ' 


"" 59 "'$3"*

$ !&*#&"!/'

  "! "/ &2" $ ' "!#"




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