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    The teaching of Honor includes Honesty and Truth.

    Its opposites are Dishonor, Shameful Behavior, Lying, Deceit, and Procrastination.

    In all that we say, in all that we do, let your words and actions, the way you live your life, speak only the truth. Living in honor and truth, one's word should be absolute and binding, that others may have trust in our words. What one says, we should do.

    Never give your word lightly, and make no promises that you cannot keep. Speak always with the straight tongue of truth!

    Lies are as poison; have nothing to do with them. Lies bring dishonor to yourself and to the People, and can come to no good at the end.

    The things of this world, the value that is placed on material goods, are fleeting and shallow, things of shadow. They are here today, gone tomorrow. The truth lies in Spirit, the ultimate reality beyond the physical world. It will be here forever, when all physical things are gone.

    Seek the natural things of this world, not the artificial things made be man. From Spirit comes the world, made in truth. Honor its purpose and all things in the natural world around you to give you life. No light can replace the Sun or Fire, concrete cannot replace grass, plastic cannot replace wood . Natural things were created for a purpose; they partake of truth and Spirit power. Man-made things are ultimately lies. have no Spirit power and will come to no lasting good. In the end, they will cause pain and problems for Mankind. Get Back to nature, to the Spirit, to truth; use your hands, use your feet, learn to be strong. 

      This teaching was passed on to us by our friend Hitakonanu'laxk  


      Wanishi nimaxta. (Thank you brother.)


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