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    Included in the teaching Patience, is the power of endurance.

    Opposites are impatience, being in a hurry, and weakness

    Patience is a valuable lesson, and endurance is a great power, taught to us by the Grandfather Rocks. Patience and endurance are taught to us in the sweat lodge.  These are great things to learn well, for they will give one a great advantage.

    How many times have we been in a hurry only to be sorry later on? When what we should have done was to have thought things out, taking our time, considering things more carefully before deciding upon a coase of action.

    We must ever be mindful to look to the generations ahead and consider greatly the effects of our present actions upon them.

    When you do something, do it the best or in your best way that you can. Patience is required if we are to do things in a right and good manner, 

    Most people in the world today are in a big hurry, too busy to think of others, too busy to give others consideration, too busy to care, living their lives selfishly and aimlessly, like so many sheep. These are the Sheeple People, those who have lost all connection to the natural/real world, those who think their lives purpose lies in a job, or to accumulate wealth, or prestige. Such as these have lost their Spirit Power, lost control over their lives. Never forget your children, value of your family and friends, remember, always, who your people are.

       This teaching was passed on to us by our friend Hitakonanu'laxk  


      Wanishi nimaxta. (Thank you brother)

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