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    Included in the teaching of Respect are, tolerance, thoughtfulness, caring, equality and freedom.

    The opposites are disrespect, intolerance and prejudice.

    Our Elders have told us:

        Respect the old, for in honoring them, you honor life and wisdom.

        Respect consideration of the afflicted and age.

        Respect all life and your own will be sustained.

        Respect woman, for in honoring woman you honor the gift of life and love.

        Respect promises, for by keeping your word you will be true.

        respect kindness, for by sharing gifts you will be kind.

    We show respect when we have reverence for all land and life. Everything is connected; there is no separation. All things are relatives, having a common thread, being the Creative Spirit which is in all things and which give existence to all things. What affects one part of creation ultimately affects all other things.

    We show respect when we are mindful and thoughtful of others, and show we care for others.

    We show respect when we have a tolerance for others, accepting others as they are and not seeking to change them to fit our expectations. In this way we are also showing unconditional love for others. If we are to change people, we must do it by example and not by force.

    Respect the traditions, culture and beliefs of others. we must respect the old for their wisdom, the children for our future, and woman as the bearers of the future generations.

    We must also respect others as equals and respect the freedom of others.

      This teaching was passed on to us by our friend Hitakonanu'laxk  


      Wanishi nimaxta. (Thank you brother.)

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