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    Included in this teaching is knowledge

    Opposites are foolishness and ignorance,

    Liston to the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders! For what they have to say is well worth listening to and remembering, as they have seen much and have learned much in living a long life.

    Wisdom is knowledge coupled with experience. Just to learn, to have knowledge. is not enough to make one wise. You must put knowledge to use, otherwise it is useless.

    Wisdom is nothing without the knowledge to apply it, and knowledge without wisdom to guide it can be a dangerous thing.

    Wisdom is the fruit born of knowledge and experience. it comes in different ways to different Peoples; no one can own it, and it has a spirit and purpose of its own.

    Wisdom is knowing that people are of more importance then things or money.

    Wisdom is knowing that we are nothing without Spirit.

      This teaching was passed on to us by our friend Hitakonanu'laxk  


      Wanishi nimaxta. (Thank you brother.)

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